In een loods op het vliegveld Hoogeveen bouwt Douwe van der Werff een vliegtuig, naar een tekening uit het jaar 1927.
Op deze pagina kunt u de vorderingen volgen.
Wij ontvangen graag uw op- en aanmerkingen over dit projekt.
Designed by Bernard Pietenpol. Drawn bij his neighbour Orrin Hoopman in 1927, Minnesota, USA.
Data: wingspan 29 ft, chord 60 inches, empty weight 600 lbs, cruising speed 65 knots, landing speed 30 knots.
Shelter at Hoogeveen.
Visit and inspection of fellow aircraft builders of the NVAV in november 2010. 
Covered tail and wing.
Engine and wing mounted, looking for centre of gravity.
Prop made by Alan James, UK. Mahoganie dim. d. 78" x 76 pitch.
Wing before covering. 28 ribs. Two wingspars, laminated Sitka Spruce, 29 ft. long.
Leading edge, 2 mm aircraft plywood, 5 layers.
Wing completely glued, no nail used.
Engine: Anzani 6 cil. radial, 4800 cc, 1100 RPM.
Output: hopefully 45hp.
Engine mountring, Assmann. Verspaningstechniek Zevenbergen.
Engine overhaul by Rinus Dorgelo, Schoonebeek.
With the compliments to fa. Schuitema Furnitures
A lot of paintwork.

August 2011

August 2011

Spray paint work-wing. Thanks to Sent Waninge coachwork Hoogeveen. 

Nick Schonewille from Nieuweroord, visitor.
Childhood dreams sometimes come true. Hold on to your dreams!
June 2012 The Anzani has been swapped for Walter Micron 65 HP.
The overhaul of the Anzani takes too much time. It wil first be running on a test stand.
All pictures by André Jans, aviation photographer.
Since I started in 2002 with 2 planks of wood and some plywood, I have met a lot of people who are very helpful to me.
Without their help it's hardly possible to finish this project.
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